Example's of our current stock of woodturning created to match the unique nature of each piece of wood

English walnut Bowl

English Walnut Bowl available over at the Etsy shop

Turned Yew natural edge table

Natural edge table available over at the Etsy shop

Natural edge Elm bowl

Natural edge Elm bowl available over at the Etsy shop

Burr Elm Bowl

Beautiful Burr Elm bowl with patterns and colours

Oak Make up Brush holders

Burr Elm bowl

Resin and Burr Elm collection

Large walnut bowl

Beech wood and sprocket art

Quilted walnut bowl

Time and Tide wait for no man

One of a pair of sculptures from reclaimed timber time and tide wait for no man.

Resin and Burr Elm globe

Large Burr Elm Bowl

Resin and Burr Elm globe on stand

Resin and Burr Elm bowl

Burr Oak platter

Autumn leaf

Burr Oak Bowl

Burr oak bowl

This is my favourite made piece of 2016

Sprocket commsion

A commission made to present an old hand forged sprocket on monkey puzzle wood.

Hollow vessel

Spalted beech bowl

Spalted beech wall art

Elm burr platter

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Resin and Burr Elm globe