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New year new brand

After some long term thinking, work on my "Identity exhibition" and feedback I've decided to split the business into 2 parts to provide greater clarity for customers on the value of my offering.

1) MJA-Wood focusing on commissions and your favourite wooden products including:-

- #sharethelove hearts all year round and Valentine's Day favourites

- our range of walking sticks

- Shoehorns

- our range of woodturned trees, baubles and lightpulls

- our range of cutting boards

- our range of woodturned bowls with a special 25% discount running on existing stock in January 2021 using the CODE 202125

2) MJA-Art focusing on my range inspired by the Sussex landscape including:-

- 3D Artwork in the form of Wooden sculptures

- 3D Artwork in the form of our stained glass garden sculpture range.

- 2D artwork in the form of original artwork Paintings

- 2D artwork in the form of original artwork drawings primarily charcoal landcapes

Hopefully this will provide greater clarity and explain the direction of the business in the next evolution in my journey to becoming a world renowned artist.

Over the next month we will update our social media channels, Etsy shop, Website and we will be utilising the website and virtual art gallery more moving forward.

With special thanks to @digital reeds and @The Arts School for there continued support as my journey to artist progresses.

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