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What a year it's been ! The Highs and Low's

Thank you to everyone for your support in 2019 wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and looking forward to seeing you all again in 2020. that time of year for a look back at the progress we've made this year and what comes next this is how you can get involved and be part of the mja-wood story #askaustin on Twitter Instagram and Facebook

1. So what did we aim to achieve in 2019?

After almost a year of having my own business I’ve been reflecting in what I’ve learnt and experienced, we succeeded on 1 and 2 but 3 - 5 have had to be put on the back burner for another year as shown in section 2.

2019 move from a hobby to a sustainable business venture with the following focus areas :-

1) Converting contacts to sales and attend more shows 😎 with Thanks to Digital Reeds for all her help and support with the Christmas promotion and #UkGiftHour and The House of Upcyling for their support

2) Develop our best selling products further Hearts, Shoe Horns and Christmas trees 😎

3) Make more resin tables following customer demand ☹️

4) Launch a range of Heirloom toys developed by MJA-WOOD look out for our new website in early 2019 ☹️

5) Developing a line of upcycled furniture ☹️

2. So what actually happened in 2019 ? The High's and Low's


- time to do what I 💓

- time for family and friends

- been to more kids clubs and school events in one year than the rest of my life

- worked out how to build two businesses to be sustainable with no debt

- worked less and more productive

- developing my artist voice

- working in a cooperative community at the Makery Eastbourne

- working with other small businesses

- working with The House of Upcycling


- it took a period of loss of confidence, loneliness, anxiety and depression to get to where I am now. Thanks to the NHS and friends and family for the support given.

Following this period I decided to refocus the business as it wasn't working for me personally to get the balance right so we would be just focusing on large woodturning and sculptures News Post In August 2019

3. So what's going to be new for 2020?

Art Exhibition - We are working on sculptures and ideas for my Mark's first solo exhibition "Identity" if you have any quotes comments etc please do get in touch and share your thoughts

Gifts for her - Our valentines day gifts range will be released in early Jan 2020 look out for the post, our mothers day range being launched in February

Gifts for him - Our range of Shoe Horns, walking sticks and bookcases perfect fathers day gifts

Gifts under £30 - Our usual best sellers Hearts, Shoe Horns , light pulls and trees

Housewarming presents - We have been working on arrange of very special Burr Oak and Burr Elm bowls to be ready in the spring keep a look out at the Etsy shop and @theMakeryEbo

Paintings - Lastly I'll be doing more paintings to support wellbeing and hopefully sell a few more 2019 has certainly been a boost for me in that area

Thank you to everyone for your support in 2019 wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and looking forward to seeing you all again in 2020.

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