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Only 100 days until Christmas

It's hard to believe it's only 100 days to Christmas and this year we are focusing on 3 areas over the next 3 weeks in our blog from our range of wood turning, paintings and photos:-

1. Handmade gifts for under £30

- Keepsake gifts - Our handmade with love hearts

- Support and mobility - Traditional walking Sticks and wooden shoehorns

- Handmade wood Christmas decorations - wooden Christmas tree's and bauble's

- Home decoration - wooden candle holders, small original art, art photograph prints, wooden flowers

- Dining for the special occasion- handmade wooden cheeseboards

2. Handmade gifts for Him - see blog w/c 23/09/2019

3. Handmade Gifts for Her - see blog w/c 30/09/2019

Shop now at The Makery Eastbourne Art Gallery and mjawood Etsy store

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