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News - Focus moving forward Woodturning and sculptures

Hi everyone this is the first post for a while and time to update everyone on what we will be focusing on moving forward. Following the first six months of working on the business full time I took the opportunity to review the business and areas where we should focus following feedback received online, at shows, The Makery Gallery and of course good old word of mouth. So here are some of our recent designs and feedback following commissions and feedback received :-





What you said

  • We love your work but the price point needs review

  • Your large woodturning and natural edge are lovely

  • Where can we see your work in person?

  • We love your sculptures

  • Its good to see reclaimed and or local materials

What we've done

  • Reviewed all our pricing on the Etsy shop and at the Gallery and kept them consistent

  • Focus on large woodturning and sculptures

  • Commissions for woodturning

  • Have a single outlet for show at the Makery Art Gallery in Eastbourne

  • Keep our most popular small products Hearts, Trees, Show horns and Walking sticks

  • Member of the House of Upcycling

As a result of the focus we have decided not to continue with the resin tables and doors at this time but hope to reevaluate next year as the business develops.

Keep the feedback coming so we can grow the business together

Thanks for your support on the journey and you can see daily updates over on Instagram, Twitter and the Facebook page

PS I've been working on paintings in my spare time to relax and bring out the creativity

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