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Colour and collaboration

After a busy summer of showing and supporting local art and craft events I’ve started work on a colour project and collaboration projects

We are suctioning the poppy sculpture and artwork for the Royal British Legion to celebrate the 100 years since the end of the first war ( and 101 years since my great Uncle passed away) Just giving

Summer of showing 

We have supported the following events Summer Triffle at Pickhams , Rushlake Green flower show ( where we one two prizes for the poppy and sea scape) and Hailsham arts Festival  over the summer with lots of lovely feedback but translating that feedback into sales has been difficult with other artists reporting similar challenges . I guess with the advent of online we have to think differently about the role of shows are they for marketing or sales? One thing I’ve also noticed is most buyers are generation x and above so how do we engage with mellenials to bring in a newer audience? 


We were very taken a back to have been voted none of the top ten blogs on the world for woodturning which shows the benefit of just getting out there are showing what we are doing.


Many of you who are regular readers of our blog channel will know that we are great believers in collaboration delivering value arms over the summer a number of these collaborations have come off the ground 

1) Paint to innovate -in our blog back in 2016 we talked about the benefits of art Afro wellbeing and innovation this started an idea and we are supporting Sophie Douglas The Arts School work on a pilot between corporates and SME’s to drive wellbeing creativity and innovation 

2) Collaboration with Lee Borthwick which involves the wood turned items being enhanced with decoration available on this link Lee Borthwick

3) Colloration with Whisper and Echo where our products are being used for dressing the furniture that has been lovelingly restored available on this Link

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