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Handmade in action

Over the summer we’ve been supporting a number of local arts and crafts events in Sussex. Last weekend saw the Summer Triffle event @ where we took the time to demonstrate Howe our products our all handmade and some of the tools we use. 

It was the first time we had chance to use the renovated shaving horse purchased last year and it didn’t disappoint and generated lots of lovely comments and discussion. 

We will certainly be using the horse again and as a bonus the two burr oak hearts made during the day have already found there way to a new home. We have decided moving forward that 10 % of all sales of the hearts will go the British Heart Foundation following recent feedback on what people had purchased one.

The next blog will focus on commissions that we have received over the summer and some of the lessons learnt.

Feedback on the blog greatfuly received.

Mark @ mja-wood

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