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Portraits in Landscapes

Portraits in Landscapes

This blog focuses on the photography that we have been focusing on over the winter months and winter sun in Sussex which provides a lovely quality of light. I have always loved photography since the days of developing my own black and white photographs at home in the loft with my mum (an often prize winning photographer).

Late last year I upgraded my DLSR camera and purchased a Cannon D80 and have been out and about in the Sussex landscape learning how to use the features. One of the very effective tools I have used is taking portraits within landscapes i.e. to focus on a key point in the landscape in this case the Dartmoor ponies on the downs and bring it to the fore. The pictures within the blog are the outcome and following kind feedback on social media some have been put in the Etsy shop as limited edition prints

This was also a break from woodturning for a month to recharge the creative batteries.The health and wellbeing benefits of being out walking and enjoying the landscape with my girlfriend only adds to the whole experience and I think brings out a confidence in your abilities and desire to push yourself artistically.

The next blog will be focusing in on woodturning with Oak Burr

Looking forward to receiving any feedback on the thoughts within this blog.

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