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Look back and look forward

Look forward

People quite often ask why I do the work I do? The simple answer is to relax and to capture the unique moments and patterns in nature forever in wood, photos and paintings. I am very fortunate to live in Sussex with Sea, Woodlands, Downs and amazing skies to provide constant inspiration.

This year I plan to build on the last two years of Mja-wood foundations by:-

1) Keep walking around Sussex countryside and seaside to gain more inspiration for my work

2) Do a range of prints from the original oil paintings (following request from customers)

3) Complete some of the larger garden sculptures

4) Develop my CNC machining skills to look at producing a range of unique toys

5) Keep buying and supporting local shops, artists and fairs in Sussex

6) Start making diorama's of the Hastings Net Huts my Grandpa used to make after restoring this one.

Look back

It has been a year of developing my business and network through the following activities:-

1) In the Sussex area through The Brighton Market, The Little Arts and Pickhams

2) Virtually using social media platforms Twitter #HandmadeHour and #UpcycledHour and Instagram @mjawood

My top ten highlights of the year in words, stats and pictures are as follows:-

1) Favourite make the treeroot table

2) Over 5000 views on Twitter for the toadstools seats

3) Over 10000 views on Etsy and double in sales from the previous year

4) Most popular product Christmas trees for the second year running and hearts

5) Selling my first photograph print and oil painting

6) Learning to paint in oils and taking my first art class since schools at The Arts School (Sophie is a fantastic teacher)

7) Collaboration with Labyrinth Stained Glass to produce this sculpture with one more in the pipeline

8) Encouragement, engagement and support from the twitter and instagram social media community

9) Being voted a top 50 blog in woodturning

10) Being able to make this piece "Least we forget" (to be completed and framed) in memory of my Great Uncle who died 100years ago in the first world war and my Grandpa (my artistic mentor).

Thanks for all your support and look forward to 2018.


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