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Upcyling through collaboration

Upcycing through collaboration

Whilst clearing out the barns, my mum and dad came across some old pieces of wood and knowing i love a challenge dropped off an old barrel top and old table legs. With a bit of thought, collaboration and following the waste hierarchy we now have these fantastic art works

Eliminate - My grandfather kept these in the barns for over 40 years which has created a wonderful patina

Upcyle - cleaning, sanding / waxing by me and my daughter brought out the colour and patina

Recover - Off cuts are in the fire pit bin to provide many happy hours of warmth and happiness with family and friends

Collaboration - My neighbour a qualified electrician wired up the table lamps

We look forward to hearing from you to see how we can collaborate and create a great piece of art mjawood @0975 #MJA-WOOD

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