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Its good to talk

Take a chance engage in conversation you never know where it will take you. This edition of our blog looks at why we should always accept conversation, how these lead to having quality materials and equipment which lead to ideas and products which develop relationships

It's good to talk -

Time is the most precious commodity we have, my boss of 25 years always says you never know what will come out of a meeting or conversation. This great advice means i always take time to talk to someone who has engaged in conversation. In the past month the outcomes below have been achieved from conversations:-

Quality materials

- The Firle spring garden show i was offered the opportunity to purchase the piece of wood shown in this blog ) and the start of a friendship-

- I brought some picture framing materials from Frameworks in Hailsham and we got talking and he wanted some waney edge timber one need and one want satisfied

Yew stock


Quality equipment

- The Firle garden show the opportunity to purchase a lathe which my neighbour has brought and a new hobby started.

- A colleague at work selling some tools and equipment which have already been used in creating products

Quality ideas and products

- dinner at my local pub the Black Duck in Warbleton when i guy at the bar who couldn't find anyone to carve and create a momento as a wedding gift.

- a colleague at work could you make me a bread board as wedding gift?

-I'd love to hear from you as to whether the wood in the photo should be a sculpture or table?


Quality relationships - The results achieved have all been from discussing ideas and agreeing what all parties need.I hope you'll agree the power of conversation has been at work and a building of a lasting friendships and a network to help support the growing business.

I look forward to hearing from you and our first conversation to see how and where our conversation goes and the outcomes that can be achieved

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